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About Me


Hello! I am an Industrial designer passionate about creating useful and meaningful experiences that connect with people. Worked at designaffairs GmbH(ID designer) /Intel (China) Asia-Pacific R&D Center(UX designer) and Smartisan (ID designer) .


Master of Changwon National University Industrial Design,Major in Product Design and User Experience Design.Assistant of CNU Design Research Institute.


Having the opportunities to study and live in South Korea for more than 6 years, try to understand about different people and cultures.Focus on industrial design/user experience design and service design.Made a keynote speech on TEDx in 2014.


Also have experience of various national and international awards before I graduate, like iF Design Award, RedDot Design Award, Spark Design Award, RedStar Award, K-Design Award and more than 40 design awards.



凭借设计中的前瞻视野,个人接连斩获世界三大设计奖:美国IDEA设计大奖(1项)/德国iF奖(4项)/德国红点奖Red dot Award(3项),以及包括亚洲设计大奖Asia Design Award 、韩国K-Design Award设计奖、美国Spark Design Award 金奖、中国红星奖原创奖Red Star Design Award、中国设计智造大奖Design Intellgence Award在内的50余项国内外知名设计奖。2018年荣获联合国教科文组织颁发的深圳创意设计新锐奖(全球Top10)。


2016年帮助华帝集团重新梳理并定义了未来产品线的品牌家族语言,成功推出旗下新一代高端智能燃气热水器。同年帮助小蚁科技设计并上市了旗下首款智能后视镜,结合阿里YunOS优秀的系统支持获得了优良市场反馈。2017年与猎豹移动合作,完成人工智能及机器人领域深入探索和创新,助其洞察用户及市场真正需求,重新梳理并理解人-机-环境之间交互逻辑,定义了最前沿的家居服务型机器人标准。就职于Smartisan锤子科技期间,负责旗下Smartisan TNT Station及其他智能硬件的工业设计工作,以主设身份完成从概念设计到落地生产以及包装设计等一整套工作任务。



An industrial designer, indulge myself in commerce and technology, focus on cutting-edge technical innovation, innovative strategic planning, industrial design and user experience design; have had 7 years of experience in studying abroad and working, own the work experience in the world-famous technology company and top-ranking design consulting institution, good at introducing multi-disciplinary knowledge to the design field, use the way of thinking in science and technology to do product design innovation, once provided design consulting services for multiple Fortune Top 500(Intel/Lenovo/Siemens), Chinese famous scientific and technical corporations(Tencent/Cheetah Mobile/Xiaomi/Haier/Iflytek Co., Ltd), once worked in Intel(China) Asia-Pacific Center/German designaffairs(former Siemens design center) and Smartisan technology, provide high-quality design services for customers and also bring sustainable earnings of commerce and social influences through the experience in the cross-cultural field and unique insight on the market. 

By virtue of the forward-looking insight in design, successively won the world's top three design awards: IDEA (International Design Excellence Awards)/iF Award/Red dot Award, as well other 50 domestic and overseas famous design awards including Asia Design Prize, K-Design Award, Spark Design Award Gold Prize, Red Star Design Award, Design Intelligence Award, and got UNESCO UCCN Shenzhen Design Award For Young Talents by UNESCO(Top 10 around the world) in 2018.

Helped Vatti Group to sort out and design the brand family langauge of the future product line, successfully released the new generation of hgih-end intelligent gas heater in 2016, assisted YI Technology to design and list the first intelligent rearview mirror in the same year, combined with excellent system support of Ali YunOS to gain the excellent marekt feedback ; in 2017, cooperated with Cheetah Mobile, completed the in-depth exploration and innovation in AI and robot field, helped to look into users and market’s demands, sorted out and comprehended the interactive logics among man, machine and environemnt, defined the cutting-edge home-service robot standard ; work in Smartisan Technology to take charge of Smartisan TNT Station and industrial design R&D of intelligent parts and define the computer form in the next 10 years ; the product has been released in Beijing National Stadium(Bird’s Nest).

In addition to design, use finite time to particiapte in design sharing and lectures, promote cognitive popularity of design to common people, was once invited to share reflection and analysis about design in TEDx, and once participated in online course lectures about design and innovation in Mooc, hope to look into, comprehend and solve soical and environment problems with the design thinking, and always believe that good design can create the better world.


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